Harry, Meghan, did you get caught on video while you laughed at Liam Payne?

The cameras seem to hunt the couple making fun of an ex-One Direction performance.

It was his first official event next to the Queen Elizabeth II  and  Meghan Markle was again the undisputed star of the day royal in the UK. Although far from his appearance has also monopolized the headlines an instigator of complicity that he shared with his fiancé, Prince Harry, after a performance by the singer Liam Payne.

The former member of the boy band One Direction and much of the British Royal House, with the exception of the Duke of Edinburgh, retired from public life for months, were on Monday at the Abbey of Westminster celebrating Commonwealth Day. Payne played during the ceremony the theme of John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change” [ Waiting for the world to change ]. Just at the end, the singer turned to the two companions who were playing guitars at his side and thanked them for the accompaniment with a clenched fist.

Maybe because of that way of putting the number down, or maybe because of the performance itself, something must have awoken Harry’s disbelief, because the cameras hooked him moments later raising his eyebrows and seeking the complicity of his future wife in one of the benches of the Abbey. Markle could only respond with a smile and then hide his face under his mane. It is difficult to know with so little information exactly what Harry and Meghan were laughing at, but on Twitter, some seem to have it clear: “Harry’s eyebrows summing up Liam Payne’s performance on Commonwealth Day”.


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