The president of PAOK went down to the grass with a gun, intimidated the referee and said “you’re dead”

Varela scored for the locals, the referee gave validity to the goal and then canceled it. The tangana was armed. The match was suspended with 1-0 according to the arbitration act.

After having lived this weekend incident in London and Lille, with the fans jumping to the field to threaten their players, this Sunday has touched the Greek championship, during the game that faced the PAOK of Canas and Crespo with the AEK of Manolo Jiménez and Erik Moran. Both teams are fighting for the title.Much more after the Appeals Committee of the Greek Football Federation (EPO) has returned to PAOK the three points that were removed after the attack by an amateur Olympiacos coach, Oscar Garcia Junyent, on 25 February. In addition, the Commission withdrew the sanction to PAOK of playing two matches behind closed doors, so the match was played at the ‘La Tumba’ stadium in Thessaloniki.

Before the clash, there were incidents between local fans and the police that were not bigger. And during the clash, there were not too many riots either. However, in the final stretch of the match, the mess was put together. Varela, player of PAOK, scored in the head that could have been the goal of the victory for the locals. The referee, despite having conceded in the first instance goal, retracted and pointed out of play of another player who apparently does not intervene in the play.Then, the party had to be suspended. The PAOK players surrounded the referee and the AEK players retired to the locker room. Even the owner of PAOK, Ivan Savidis, entered the field and asked his team to leave the grass in protest In the images that have been seen in social networks, you can see Savidis with a weapon. Even in Carrusel Deportivo Manolo Jiménez, AEK coach explained what happened: “At the beginning, we did not know he had a gun, then we saw him.” That the owner of PAOK goes out for the referee with some intention … it has been seen that he was holding his hand to his waist because he had the gun. “

The match was finally suspended despite the fact that the PAOK players were doing warm-up exercises while the refereeing body and the AEK squad waited in their dressing rooms. We will have to see what happens with these last minutes that would have to contend with the fight for the title at stake since the referee when drafting the minutes, but the match ended with 1-0 in favor of PAOK.


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