“Putin has decided to be a monarch with absolute power”

The activist is in favor of “a great purge” directed against those responsible for the Soviet repressive system who have found an accommodation today.Alexei Navalni , the politician opposed to Vladimir Putin , popular for his investigations into corruption in the Russian elites, is the big one excluded from the presidential elections on March 18. Banned as a candidate due to a judicial conviction that he considers to be political, Navalni has not renounced the fight against the Kremlin.

Between one arrest and another, he has taken advantage of the electoral campaign to strengthen and increase the structures of his followers throughout the territory of the State. The activist is in favor of “a great purge” directed against those responsible for the Soviet repressive system who have found an accommodation today.

Contemplating the history of his country since 1991, Navalni affirms that the “main mistake of Boris Yeltsin [Russia’s first president] and the Democrats who supported him is not having done any purging or purging,” which allowed “those who they were dedicated to imprisoning dissidents , they received power and all propagandists went to Russian television.

” “It was a key error,” he said in an interview in Moscow by Early In Time and other European newspapers integrated in the LENA alliance. Are there people in the state security and police bodies that Navalni could support or believe should be the purge that Yeltsin did not carry out in 1991?

“The one and the other. You have to make a big purge, “he replies, and explains:” Yeltsin lost an opportunity in vain and exchanged the hope of millions of people for security guarantees for his family and the large amount of vodka he drank. It’s very disappointing.

” “One of the basic tasks” for the eventual new authorities is to carry out something resembling a purge, carry out a purge, “get rid of those hypocrites who were willing to be Soviet, then democrats, then to support the [former mayor of Moscow] Yuri Luzhkov, and then again Soviets, which is what we see now. This is absolutely key, “he says.

“We can not build the Russia of the future by relying on liars and hypocrites of the USSR,” he says. “You can try” with whom “have participated in crimes,” he says, and accuses them of “committing crimes to Russian oligarchs who boastfully hired people responsible for the persecution of dissidents in the nineties”. At that time, senior officials of the State Security Committee (the KGB) became integrated into the security services and analysis of the new private structures.

Video complaints

Navalni proposes measures that “prevent the reconstruction of the authoritarian regime” in Russia; namely, a judicial reform, the radical cut of the powers of the president in favor of the Parliament and the liberalization of the media, and projects “a law on the fight against illegal enrichment” that introduces prison sentences for those who do not they can explain the origin of the fortunes and the non-payment of their taxes.

The video investigations disseminated by Navalni are viewed by millions of people on the Internet , but the Russian justice has not reacted to the report on the activities of the family of Attorney General Yuri Chaika or on the mansions and villas attributed to the head of the Government , Dmitri Medvedev. In this video, a drone made a reconnaissance on one of the residences available to Medvedev, in a bucolic spot next to the Volga in an area where overflights were prohibited.

Navalni reacts promptly to the suspicion that his investigations have the help of sources in the security services. “We do not have any source. 99% of our research is based on open information and footage from the air, which anyone with enough courage can do. ” “With drone you can do anything and that’s why in the world this problem is discussed.

Look at the Russian base in Syria, it was attacked by drones that destroyed two planes and there was also an area where overflights were prohibited and security measures were taken, “he exclaims. “A drone can not be knocked down because it flies too fast,” he explains.

“Putin’s residence can be filmed quite easily, but we do not want to … because there is nothing new in it and because we do not want to encourage people who could put a bomb in that drone and send it to Putin,” he says.

Are you preparing a video about Putin? “That’s secret information,” he says. “We never reveal our plans in advance. But all our videos are about Putin because they refer to his friends. ” “Putin’s corruption is very specific. No suitcases full of money.

There is a group of friends and trusted people whose property is in fact Putin’s property and, in addition, is his son-in-law, Kiril Shamalov, who is the youngest millionaire in Russia. But, besides, [Putin] is an absolute monarch, a Tsar. What corruption can a Tsar have? Everything belongs to him. “

I understand that I am on the side of good, and forgive grandiloquence, and with me, on the side of good there are many people and this encourages. “ALEXEI NAVALNI “

“Russia is built today in such a way that it has become a classic authoritarian country and every day it is more so. The Russia of today is the Belarus of yesterday or the Kazakhstan of the day before yesterday. The president has decided to be a monarch for life and return absolute power.

What Putin is doing now is not a fight against the expansion of NATO – we must remember that NATO expanded in the nineties when the Baltic entered it – but an attempt to solve internal problems with hysteria in international politics. A classic. There is nothing new here, “says Navalni.

“As soon as they encounter economic problems, all the authoritarian leaders of all countries begin to talk nonsense about the miraculous weapons they have and the flying fireballs,” he adds.

The scourge of corruption

Are there internal political differences in the security services? Navalni believes that “security services are not monolithic.” “But we came across more with the police than with the Federal Security Service (SFS). The police who arrest us tell us later that they do not like this regime and inside the SFS, people are not blind and understand that Russia is run by a very small and corrupt group whose members have become billionaires, they constantly lie and they have huge amounts of money in the West.This is known to the citizens of Russia and the FSB officials, but from what I understand, the different points of view within the security structure do not lead to the formation of significant political groups. There is no liberal core or non-liberal core in services. There are different people “,

Quoting Dmitri Medvedev, according to which one out of every five rubles of state purchases are stolen, Navalni estimates that about 6 billion rubles (almost 85 billion euros) are stolen in Russia each year, part of which goes to West.

“We can not give a figure of how it is distributed but, undoubtedly, tens of billions of dollars from Russian corruption go to the West every year.” To him, he says, it is “very unpleasant” to see the contrast between “the continuous debate of Russian issues” in Europe and “the embrace with which the European political class receives the corrupt Russians” and is their accomplice “to a certain degree.” point”.

“The European countries that declared sanctions against Russia built them in such a way that they do not affect anyone. Putin’s friends are all citizens of the EU, Finland, Switzerland and other countries. Unfortunately, the level of penetration of Russian corruption in the European system is such that corrupt Russians can manipulate public opinion and many European politicians quite effectively.

And the European political class has responsibility “, as does the” American political class for having supported Yeltsin in the early nineties instead of supporting democracy [in Russia]. “

“But the situation is worse today, because then we did not know what would happen and now it is evident that our bandits feel comfortable in European territory,” says Navalni. “Despite the rhetoric, the European political class is not willing to oppose the obvious corrupt in a real way. We understand that there has to be political dialogue, but could not some barrier have been put to the corrupt, the dirty money and the oligarchs? It can, but it is not done, “he says.

Support movement

Navalni affirms that its financial resources are modest but that its organization is the “only one capable of collecting money from tens of thousands of people”. “That is what makes us so problematic and so invulnerable for Putin, because they can not do anything to us, they can not take our money, because we do not have a single great sponsor, but many small taxpayers.

The average donation is between 500 and 1,000 rubles and we publish all the figures on our website, because that is very important for people to send us more money. “

“Our plan was to collect 1,000 million rubles, and we would have collected them if they had registered my candidacy, because we would have had more donations,” he says. “[The authorities] regularly freeze the money in our account, force the banks to block our accounts, arrest people and initiate proceedings.” But Navalni believes that “together the financing system” that began in 2011 “works and there are tens of thousands of people” who send them money.

Referring to the elections, Navalni values ​​his participation in what he calls “this procedure”. “For the first time in the history of Russia, a mass movement has been created with representation in all the big cities of the country and with real activists in them.”

“People support us. I am not dissident as there were in the USSR, when six people went to Red Square to protest the sending of troops to Czechoslovakia. We have great support, to any city that I go, in spite of the prohibition, hundreds and thousands of people come to see me.

I know that we represent millions of citizens who want a better life for Russia and that sooner or later we will achieve it, because the logic of the development of humanity is in our favor. I understand that I am on the side of good, and forgive grandiloquence, and with me, on the side of good there are many people and this encourages. “

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