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Top 10 Latin Baseball Player for MLB season 2018 | King of Sports in the United States

Latin Baseball Player for MLB season 2018: Less than a month before the MLB Opening Day these are the Latins to follow for the 2018 campaign of the “king of sports” in the United States.

Latin Baseball Player

The MLB Opening Day is next March 29 and the novenas are already in tune in their different leagues of the Spring Training in Florida. Undoubtedly, a key part of the Ligamayoristas squads are the Latin players, both at the highest level and in their Minor League systems.

10 Latin Baseball Player for MLB season 2018

For the 2018 season of the Major Leagues, these are the 10 players to follow in the ‘Gran Carpa’:

1. Jose Altuve

The infielder Venezuela the Astros facing MLB next season as the reigning MVP. His work in the box and in the batting box helped Houston lift its first World Series trophy. The one born in Maracay finished 2017 with a batting average of .346 with 2014 hits, 24 home runs and 81 runs batted in.

Latin Baseball Player

2. Carlos Correa

The Altuve couple in the backbone of the Texan diamond is also the second-best player heading to Opening Day. The Puerto Rican defends shortstops since 2015 in the American League franchise and in 2017 he hit .315 with 82 runs scored, 84 RBIs, 133 hits and 24 home runs.

Latin Baseball Player

3. Francisco Lindor

Lindor was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico and has been wearing the flannel of the Indians for three seasonsThe twice elected to the All-Star Game and won a Gold Glove ended 2017 with the average of .273 with 99 runs scored, 178 hits, 33 homers, and 93 stolen bases.

Latin Baseball Player

4. Jose Ramirez

The third baseman of the Dominican Republic plays in the Cleveland Indians’franchise since 2013. Last year was, without a doubt, his best season in the Major Leagues. In 2017 he was elected for the first time to the All-Star Game, he won a Silver Bat and twice was a player of the American League week. In 152 games he scored 107 runs, drove 83, hit 186 hits and 29 home runs.

Latin Baseball Player

5. Adrian Beltre

There is not much to add to Beltre’s careerThe Dominican arrives in 2018 for his twenty-first season as a Major League player. In his career, he has dressed the flannel of the Dodgers, Mariners, Red Sox and Rangers. In this last franchise, this since 2011 and has meant his best years in the ‘Big Tent’. Since playing in Texas, Beltre has been chosen three times in the All-Star Game, won two Silver Bats, two Platinum Gloves, and three Gold Gloves. His road to Cooperstown will be enhanced with one more campaign in MLB.

Latin Baseball Player

6. Carlos Carrasco

Among the Latin pitchers, Carrasco is the most prominent. The Venezuelan of 30 years played since 2009 in Cleveland and, although not the best starter Indians, yes comes from 2017 where his second-best season in numbers had. In 32 starts he finished with a record of 18 wins and six losses, with a 3.29 ERA in 200.0 innings pitched.

Latin Baseball Player

7. Robinson Cano

Another player who has nothing to prove in the next Major League season is the Dominican, Robinson Cano. He’s been a Major League player since 2005 when he started wearing the Yankees’ flannel, and in 13 major league seasons, he has a World Series ringeight All-Star Game selections with a Most Valuable Player awardfive Silver Bats and two Gold Gloves. And although its best years were in New York, with the Mariners in 2017 it maintained its average level in terms of production.

Latin Baseball Player

8. Nelson Cruz

The 37-year-old designated batter has been a Major League player for 13 years. His career began in 2005 with the Brewers, then came to the Rangers where he remained until 2013, had a brief stint in the Orioles and since 2015 wears the flannel of the Mariners. The Dominican has established himself in MLB as one of the most feared power hitters; in 2017, he finished as the fourth most-homered player in the American League. Cruz had his third best season in the majors after hitting .288 with 39 homers, 160 hits, and 119 RBI.

Latin Baseball Player

9. Carlos Martinez

The starting pitcher of the Cardinals finished 2017 with the third best effectiveness in his career of five seasons as Major League player. His ERA of 3.64was the twelfth best of the National League. In 32 games started on the pitching hill, the ‘Tsunami’ won 12 games with 11 losses.

Latin Baseball Player

10. Jose Abreu

The only Cuban on the list has been wearing the White Sox jersey since 2014. Abreu plays on the first mat and since his arrival in Chicago has brought power to the offense of the franchise. In his rookie season, ‘Bad Time’ was the best rookie in the American League. For 2017, the baseball player born in Cienfuegos completed the regular season with the batting average of .304, 95 runs scored, 102 hits, 33 home runs, and 189 hits.

Latin Baseball Player

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