So this was the trick of Kylie Jenner to reconcile her facet as a mother with that of successful businesswoman

And, no, cloning has not been Kylie’s solution to be able to do everything.

She’s only been a mother for a month but Kylie Jenner is not enjoying a maternity leave as such. On the contrary, just unveiled a new collection of makeup with the name of Stormi and has resumed its activity in social networks so we can say that, officially, has returned to work. But how are you doing it, with a newborn baby in your care? Initially it was said that the little plan did not want to have more help than her own family (in theory, she had ‘exploited’ Kris Jenner, all day at home helping her) but it has been revealed that Kylie’s formula to conciliate It is 100% Kardashian: He has hired a legion of nannies and assistants .

Of course! Did anyone expect less from the woman who has received a Ferrari of almost a million and a half dollars for having become a mother? So Jenner, although he had initially relied on his closest family and friends ( Jordyn Woods among them), has finally hired a large team of people to help him take care of his baby while maintaining his successful entrepreneurial facet. the cosmetics

The Kardashian-Jenners are tremendously motherly. Now all the children of Kris Jenner have children ( Khloé is ready, it was the last one missing) and they love babies. Of Kylie, it was said that, in spite of her youth, she wanted very much to become a mother and that she wanted to personally take care of her daughter given her great instinct. But, in the end, the Kardashian gene of luxury, ostentation and doing things big has won. Because why a single nanny can have a ‘team’, as reflected in the media?
So we can talk about reconciliation, of course.


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