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Ghouta: new accusations of chemical attack

Photo taken on February 25, 2018 showing a man walking on a street in the city of Douma in the middle of damaged cars and buildings damaged by Syrian air raids on eastern Ghouta, a rebel enclave near Damascus bombed by the Syrian regime

The inhabitants of Eastern Ghouta were anxiously waiting on Monday for the start of the UN ceasefire, the day after another day of bombing and fighting that killed more than 500 civilians. one week.

While a doctor reported cases of suffocation, new charges of chemical attack were issued by a rebel group who pointed the finger at the regime, but Moscow, a staunch ally of Damascus, refuted the allegations.

The regime continued Sunday air raids on the rebel enclave at the gates of Damascus – although they were less intense than the previous days – the day after a Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire a month in Syria, to distribute humanitarian aid and evacuate the wounded in a country devastated since 2011 by a deadly war.

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Iran, another great ally of President Bashar al-Assad, warned that the offensive, which according to Tehran “terrorist” groups, would continue. On February 18, the regime’s forces launched an intense air campaign against Eastern Ghouta, which is the prelude, according to a pro-regime media, to a ground offensive to reconquer the region.

This regime’s campaign is of rare violence, even on the scale of a country torn by conflict that has claimed 340,000 lives.

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