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Laso And The Pending Readjustments

Real Madrid complete its first year in white with the coach after adding 13 titles

Claver’s absence to Taylor in the last move of the MOVISTAR Cup final +

The Cup final left a lot of significant data for the analysis: the 18 points of advantage that Barca was about to squander (40-58, 25-54-67, 31-32 m); the 38 that Madrid scored in the last quarter; the 21 turnovers of the azulgrana (12 in the second half); the scarce 10 baskets in game that added the targets in minute 22; the 15 more rebounds captured by Pesic (24-39) -with Felipe on the bench from minute 14-; or the only basket in play that Doncic scored in what could have been his last final match before making the Americas(his remaining 12 points were free throws). He also left a temporary data. For the first time in the Laso era, Madrid celebrates a year in white: no title since accounting reached 13 with the Cup raised in Vitoria in February 2017.

“Winning or losing is just a result. It’s a stick, but this has already happened. Now we are in a very good situation in the league and in the top of the Euroleague rankings. Four months of work remain and we aspire to continue fighting for the titles “, analyzed Laso after the defeat against Barca in his fetish competition where, except in 2013, he had always marked positive milestones until Sunday.

The Madrid coach, who reinvented the team in full plague of casualties between October and November, will have to re-adjust the template as evidenced by the Cup. Tavares lost the peak so he exhibited in January and left Las Palmas with 4.6 points and 6.6 average rebounds in three games; Randolph added a total of 11 points and 7 rebounds throughout the weekend; Maciulis only appeared 2 minutes in the semifinals; and Ayon had an unproductive and unproductive landing in the middle of the final after three and a half months out. Pieces to fit while waiting for Llull. “If I stay with the final 10 minutes of the final I have to think that I have a very strong team,” Laso said. On Friday, in the Euroleague, the Barça-Madrid is repeated. “This does not stop. This is our life, “he closed.

“After a sequence like that, you get used to and get used to people. That’s half bad because they demand a lot more. But that does not mean we have to stop valuing things, “explained Rudy before the final between the ambition and the absence of historical urgency for a Madrid that has earned the right to lose. Causeur in Las Palmas was not Llull in Malaga 2014 and Claver’s lack of Taylor prevented Madrid from stretching his abdication after four years of uninterrupted reign. After the first big exam, there are four months ahead for the final grades of the course.


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