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Amazon Flex ignites the alarms of the logistics sector

  • The company is looking for freelancers to make deals for 14 euros per hour

Those interested must have their own vehicle, mobile phone and be autonomous. Nothing else. In return, the technological giant offers 14 euros for each hour worked.

“In Spain there is a great entrepreneur spirit and, therefore, we believe that many will be interested in obtaining additional income by delivering Amazon packages in their free time,” explains the company through the website of its new service, called Amazon Flex .

“I do not think it will allow a company to make deals without carriers’ licenses,” they explain from the organization.

To the doubts about the qualification of the distributors of this new service the ones referring to the labor model that it uses are added. With Flex, Amazon enters a market that is under the magnifying glass of Labor Inspection.

From ATA remember that if these workers get more than 75% of their income with the same platform should be registered as economically dependent self-employed (Trade).

This would mean complying with a series of requirements (compensation in case of break of contract, holidays …) that until a few months ago had not been taken into account by the digital companies that collaborate with “riders”.

“This system is being fought,” says the association, which is working to make it possible for Social Security to know with which companies each economically dependent self-employed operates. From ATA regret that in Spain about 100,000 workers work as false self-employed.

“We do not believe in an economy that takes advantage of society. We believe that all companies must be on equal footing and be governed by the same rules, “says Francisco Aranda, president of the UNO logistics management , on the overall impact of the digital economy in the sector.

The organization also highlights the importance of training in this job: “The job of the delivery person is very intense and requires preparation.”

According to the data of this employer, the net salary of a delivery person is on average between 18,000 and 20,000 euros a year, after deducting expenses such as insurance and the car. However, “there are many types of contracts and incentives depending on the company, which can greatly change the compensation of the delivery person”.

Another Amazon service

Everything points to Amazon’s logistical plans, with whom this newspaper tried to contact without success, go beyond the mere occasional collaboration with delivery people.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company will launch its own parcel service in Los Angeles in the coming weeks, which will have professional transporters and a specialized fleet.

In this way, the digital giant would no longer depend on other courier companies, such as FedEx or UPS, to make its deliveries in the United States.


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