The Getafe contains Barcelona

The leader plays at the Nou Camp against a very organized opponent and the draw makes Atletico stay seven points away from the Catalans

Minor game, without much importance, ideal for testing as Yerri Mina and in a way also Coutinho, who still has minutes to finish hatching despite his first and brilliant goal in the Mestalla cup match. Poor entry as lately is customary at the Camp Nou, just over 75,000 spectators.

Messi gave Mina encouragement in a close conversation before the game started, and the Colombian popped the audience in his pocket applauding him – when it is usually the other way around – at the moment he went to occupy his position before, too, that Fernandez Borbalan will announce the start of the match.

The bright yellow Getafe shone especially with the silver light of the gray sky of Barcelona, and its game, although it was not brilliant, was threatening in everything it proposed. With lines together, but advanced, I managed to keep Barca away from the Guaita area.

Ter Stegen is so overrun with his feet that he dares unusual controls with this part of his body. As long as they go well, we will celebrate. If one day he messes up – and I regret the opportunistic play on words – I will defend him because at home they gave me an advanced education, but the mob will revile him with ridicule and lynchings. He’s German and he can live with it, but let him know.

Barca continued far from the fertile zone and the radios and televisions of the Generalitat exaggerated in a propagandistic way and quite unpresentable the cries of “independence” and “freedom” in the minute 17.14, that listened in person at the Camp Nou were much more residual and anecdotal.

Those of Valverde could not be deep, they lacked a fast and creative midfield, easy and fluid pass lines: there was no way. Sergi Roberto started something good that Suarez ended badly, and also offside. Messi realized what his team needed and tried to approach, to receive, Busquets and Rakitic.

Apparently until the half-hour, who did not go to the stadium guessed more than those who came. The possession of 80 percent of Barca was so unsuccessful that 55% of the time was played in his field.

The Getafe was very ordered and concentrated, once again bothering a Barca who was starting to rush for more rapid moves than he could afford. Getafe made a couple of attempts without too much danger, but they showed nerves in the Camp Nou, which began to complain about the referee as teams, people or nations that are going to lose. Well, the offside goal of Suarez on the edge of the break.

The second part started without changes, neither in the benches nor in the game. Those of Valverde, stranded. The Getafe, what little he did, was threatening. What he did most, anyway, was to waste his time, which surely is not entirely reprehensible to the poor teams that visit the Camp Nou. He went out to heat Iniesta and Barça, indeed, needed his light. Suarez had it but it went by a few centimeters. Good center of Alcacer.

Barcelona began to grow and Coutinho gave emotion to the final stretch of the attack of his team. The Getafe began to suffer. And finally, he jumped into the Iniesta course because the first condition of football, as of gastronomy, is quality. He entered through Coutinho. Dembele also entered, for Alcacer.

The party, at heart, continued equal, but more open, and that benefited the Barca. Don Andres in the 24th illuminated the attack of his team with a beautiful incursion to the bottom line that nobody could take advantage of.

He chewed 1 to 0, but he had not quite arrived. Guaita started doing more than wasting time and showed off in a couple of interventions. Getafe tried to strengthen their prestige draw at the Camp Nou. Paulinho entered through Busquets. Barca tried everything, but with more will than precision, and in the end Getafe, who knew how to play in the most intelligent way in favor of their interests, managed to contain a rival far superior in every way.

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