The Chamber calls on local filmmakers to boost the film industry

The representative Maricarmen Mas Rodriguez will auscultate the financial aid available

The legislator Maricarmen Mas Rodriguez announced today, Saturday, that she will convene a conversation with entities related to the film industry in Puerto Rico, to outline a new strategy with the objective of reactivating this sector on the island.

“The film industry in Puerto Rico has the unique potential to inject millions of dollars, recurrently, into our economy, creating new jobs every year,” the representative said today for the District 19 of Mayaguez and San German in a statement. of the press

The legislator added that she will contact the secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Trade, Manuel Laboy, to listen to the financial aid available to assist the local filmmakers during the recovery time of the island following the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.


“It is time for us to evaluate what we can do to give it a boost after the passage of Irma and Maria, and how we can assist, within the fiscal realities that we inherited from the past administration and in the historical context of a Fiscal Oversight Board” he added.

The legislator said that at the meeting, called “Round Table for a New Puerto Rican Cinema,” will discuss ways to increase local production, export strategies to the United States and other countries, and the best way to diversify the product at the level local, among many other concepts.

“In Puerto Rico there is a great opportunity to improve this industry, we want to listen to everyone, that everyone has a voice in this forum and that together, the government and the local film industry, we come out with an instrument that is effective in advancing local productions. That is my commitment and that is where we are heading with this initiative, “said the legislator.


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